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Great Host Gifts & Stocking Stuffers

We all have so many events to attend. If you’re schedule is like ours, the dilemma is what to bring as a gift. We all usually default to a bottle of wine. Think about the last time you hosted a party. Sure, guests brought wine, but unless it was a bottle of great vintage port, you have no clue as to who brought what. So here’s a suggestion: Bring three of our most popular gifts: Artisan Aged Vanilla Extract, Alder-Smoked Finishing Salt or Artisan Worcestershire Sauce.

We age our Vanillas for 18 months. Our Vanilla Extract comes in two forms – vodka based or rum-based. We use Dripping Springs Vodka & Railean Texas Rum. We age our Vanilla for 18 months & never filter it – so it retains all of the vanilla “caviar” flavor. If your recipe calls for a teaspoon of vanilla we suggest starting with a scantt half-teaspoon of our Extract.

Our Smoked Jurassic Salt is mined from a Jurassic salt dome in Waller County, Texas, about 50 miles northwest of Houston. It is a perfect finishing salt. .

A generous pinch on a grilled chicken breast or salmon steak gives a delicious pop of salty smokiness.

Our Artisan Worcestershire is so rich & flavorful. It’s unmistakably Worcestershire, but not your average grocery store variety!.

But more importantly, your host will remember your generous gift every time they are used!

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